Huzaro Combat 8.0 Carbon Black Gaming Chair

Huzaro Combat 8.0 Carbon Black Gaming Chair

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Combat 8.0 Carbon

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Special features:

  • Huzaro Combat 8.0 Gaming Armchair Carbon Black
  • Chair combines gaming and ergonomic elements
  • Ideal for both gaming and long-term desk work
  • Rich functionality, high-quality materials and solid workmanship
  • Combination of ventilated Nylon Mesh fabric and PU-HD leather
  • Seat ensures correct back positioning
  • Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • Flexible lumbar support
  • Backrest tilt mechanism Tilt Advance
  • Polyurethane rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches

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Combat 8.0


You don't have to choose. Combat 8.0 is an armchair that will satisfy both avid gamers and demanding office workers and managers with its design and functionality. Thanks to the many adjustment options, the chair can be easily adapted to individual requirements. Designed with attention to the smallest details, it has a multitude of functional solutions that support proper posture and protect the spine. The skilful combination of high-quality materials and special construction ensure durability and excellent air circulation.

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Ergonomics first and foremost

Specially profiled construction of the chair ensures comfort, enforces the correct sitting posture, properly aligns the spine, and thus has a positive effect on perceived fatigue. Combat 8.0 is an ergonomic gaming chair that takes your comfort seriously. The back of the chair is made of flexible materials that adjust to the person sitting in the chair. The back of the Combat doesn't just look great, behind the original shape stands comfort above all.

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AirMesh technology

A special, reinforced, mesh fabric is used in the areas where the body touches the back of the chair to ensure the best possible air circulation. This solution guarantees freshness, comfort and coolness even during long hours of use.


Details make all the difference! That is why Combat 8.0 Carbon Black has been finished in a carbon fibre imitation material. It adds to the gaming character of the chair, but at the same time is extremely practical for use - it makes it easy to keep the chair clean.

Adjustable armrests

Comfortable armrests with full 4D adjustment. Made of soft, deformation-resistant material. Armrests provide adequate support for forearms, reduce strain on shoulders and spine. Top-down, front-to-back and side-to-side adjustment allows you to tailor the position of the armrests to your own preferences.

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Seat extension

The seat has a front-to-back adjustment option of approximately 5 cm. The smoothly operating Slide technology allows you to adjust the distance between the seat and backrest as you wish.

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SeatRest Multilock backrest tilt function

The seat has a built-in SeatRest Multilock function. It is characterised by the fact that tilting the backrest also moves the seat upwards, providing a high level of comfort. Great for console gaming, watching a movie or even taking a nap. The mechanism allows the seat to be locked into several different positions.

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The adjustable headrest ensures proper neck and head position regardless of the user's height. The headrest allows you to rest your head comfortably and thus relieves strain on the neck muscles, allowing the upper part of the spine to relax and relax.

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The flexible lumbar support provides comfort and adequate support for the spine. The key section of the back is always adequately supported by the flexible backrest.

Polyurethane-rubber wheels

Five double polyurethane-rubber wheels ensure that the chair glides freely and the materials used protect the floor from scratches and abrasions.

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Prawy bok Huzaro Combat 8.0 Carbon Black

1. Head and neck

The adjustable headrest will allow you to rest your head comfortably and relax while working at the computer.

2. back

The specially shaped backrest ensures your back is in the right position and prevents pain during prolonged computer use.

3. lumbar

Ideal spinal alignment is guaranteed by the specially shaped, flexible lumbar support.

4. Hands and arms

Rest your arms comfortably on the ergonomically shaped soft armrests and let them rest despite long, uninterrupted work.

5 Proper position for the entire body

Thesturdy construction ensures that the position of the chair will always be properly adjusted to your body, it also ensures the stability and durability of the entire chair.

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  • Manufacturer: HUZARO
  • Model: Combat 8.0 Carbon Black
  • Certifications: SGS
  • Materials: Nylon Mesh fabric, PU HD leather
  • Construction: Steel, nylon fx
  • Additional information: Tilt angle adjustment with locking mechanism
  • Mechanism: Tilt Advance
  • Actuator: Gas
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg

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Combat 8.0 Carbon

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