Mark Adler Boss 8.2 office chair

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Mark Adler Boss 8.2 office chair

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Mark Adler

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Special features:

  • Designer office chair
  • Original shape and wood-look accents
  • Headrest provides ergonomic support for head and neck
  • Made of pleasant-to-touch organic leather
  • Soft, comfortable armrests
  • Modern design fits perfectly in the home and office
  • Polyurethane rubber wheels are non-scratching to the floor

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Boss 8.2 designer office armchair

Classic in a modern way

Office, home or design studio? No matter where you work, the Boss 8.2 office chair guarantees comfort and a professional effect. The classic colours and original shape are a combination that is hard to pass by indifferently. Thanks to the wood-look accents, Boss 8.2 will not only ensure sitting comfort, but will also emphasise the aesthetics of the interior.

Elegant and comfortable headrest

No more sore backs after working for hours. The comfortable yet elegant headrest provides ergonomic support for the head and neck. This will make your neck muscles more relaxed and your work, more enjoyable.

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Rock function

Relaxation for your back and a moment of respite in your daily duties. The Boss 8.2 office armchair with its rocking function is the right way to take care of your back and good mood while working.

Backrest lockable

Thanks to the lock function, the level of backrest tilt can easily be adjusted to your needs.

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Soft, comfortable armrests

The soft, comfortable armrests provide optimum support for your shoulders and forearms. This relieves strain on the shoulders and makes work more comfortable.

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Polyurethane caster wheels

Safety for your floor

Five double castors with a diameter of 50 mm will take care of keeping your floor intact. The combination of polyurethane and rubber guarantees free movement on the surface. At the same time, it protects the floor from scratches and abrasions that can occur with everyday use.

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1. Head and neck support

The headrest built into the backrest provides excellent support for the head and neck. This keeps the cervical spine more relaxed even after a long working day.

2. back comfort

The contoured backrest enables you to adopt the correct posture.

3. back support

Lumbar support prevents back pain and ensures proper ergonomics at work.

4. soft seat

Seat depth ensures comfort during long hours of sitting.


  • Brand: Mark Adler
  • Model: Boss 8.2
  • Certifications: SGS
  • Materials: PU HD leather
  • Colour: light grey
  • Headrest: built-in
  • Wheels: polyurethane-rubber
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg

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Mark Adler

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