Mark Adler Boss 4.2 Black Office Chair

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Mark Adler Boss 4.2 Black Office Chair

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Mark Adler
Boss 4.2 Black

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Special features:

  • Elegant and ergonomic office chair
  • Contoured design guarantees comfort
  • Ideal chair for the office and for home office work
  • Ergonomic armrests
  • High-quality fabric finish
  • Damage-resistant, easy-care material
  • Breathable fab rics at the point of contact with the body
  • Sturdy frame ensures sufficient stability
  • Polyurethane-rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches

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Boss 4.2

Sleek, elegant, modern

Mark Adler Boss 4.2 is a modern office chair that proves that functional furniture can look great. Bring style straight from the skyscrapers of New York to your office or home office. You don't have to choose between ergonomics and elegance, because the Boss 4.2 offers both as a package. And all to make you feel like a real boss.

An armchair for the home, an armchair for the office

Versatile, unpretentious and subtle - this is the design of the Boss 4.2, making the office armchair a perfect fit in a large office as well as in a home office and home office workstation.

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High-quality materials

The upholstery of the armchair has been made from tried and tested materials that not only look great, but above all perform well. The PU HD leather adds to the armchair's elegant appearance and ensures adequate durability of use. XTwill materials used in the areas where the armchair meets the body are a guarantee of adequate breathability and air circulation.

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Soft headrest

Relax, rest your head and assume a position in which your back rests. Sitting in a chair can and should be pleasant, which is why the Boss 4.2 offers soft support for your head and allows you to relax even while working.

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Rock function

The SoftFlex function allows you to rock in the chair, which for many people is almost synonymous with comfort. The mechanism can be locked in an upright position for complete stability. However, a single hand movement is all it takes to release the lock and switch to relaxation mode.

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Ergonomic armrests

The chair has non-slip armrests that guarantee full support for the arms and shoulders. Correct posture and strain relief for the shoulders and upper back is crucial when working for long periods of time, and thanks to the armrests, the correct position is natural and simply comfortable.

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1. Head and neck

Support for the head and neck will relieve strain on the neck muscles and allow you to relax during long periods of computer work.

2. back

The specially shaped backrest will give your back the right position and prevent pain during long computer use.

3. Hands and arms

The support for your arms and shoulders also relieves strain on the shoulders and upper part of the spine, thus alleviating fatigue.

4. seat

The design ensures that the position in the chair will always be ergonomic. The soft seat gives secure support to the whole body and allows you to relax in the chair.

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Durable base

The base made of synthetic material is both strong and lightweight. Most importantly, however, it guarantees the necessary stability when working, even when the chair is in constant motion within the workstation.

Floor-safe wheels

Five double polyurethane-rubber wheels ensure free movement on the chair, while the materials used protect the floor from scratches and abrasions.


  • Brand: Mark Adler
  • Model: Boss 4.2 Black
  • Certifications: SGS
  • Materials: Mesh fabric, HD PU leather
  • Construction: Timber FX
  • Mechanism: Tilt Plus
  • Wheels: Polyurethane-rubber
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg

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Mark Adler
Boss 4.2 Black

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