Mark Adler Boss 4.4 Black office chair

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Mark Adler Boss 4.4 Black office chair

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Mark Adler
MA - Boss 4.4 Black

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Special features:

  • Classic design that is perfect for the business space
  • Breathable and w ipe-resistant XtWill fabric
  • Built-in, extendable footrest
  • Soft armrests
  • Contoured, ergonomic frame that follows the curvature of the spine
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Polyurethane rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches

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Boss 4.4 swivel chair

For home and office

  • Mark Adler Boss 4.4 is an invention office chair that proves that comfort can go with elegance.
  • Theclassic design combined with a range of ergonomic solutions ensure that the Boss 4.4 is perfect for both the office and the home.

Pull-out footrest

A new dimension of comfort

  • Theability to place the legs in a horizontal position improves blood circulation and relieves strain on the lower back, making it the perfect choice for long hours of sedentary work.
  • The extendable footrest also makes the Boss 4.4 ergonomic chair perfect for relaxing breaks.

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Profiled frame

Ergonomics and elegance

  • The contouredframe, adapted to the curvature of the back, enables a healthy sitting posture.
  • Theheadrest and lumbar support integrated into the backrest ensure perfect harmony between ergonomics and elegance.

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Soft armrests

  • There is no ergonomics without adequate support for the arms and forearms - which is why the Boss 4.4 office chair is equipped with comfortable armrests.
  • The soft upholstery guarantees pleasant support without excessive pressure on the elbows.

Materiały Boss 4.4

Breathable materials

  • The upholstery made of XTwill fabric ensures adequate air circulation, so the chair guarantees comfort on hot days.
  • Thehigh quality of the fabric guarantees that the upholstery will maintain its good looks for a long time.

Mechanizm Tilt Dual SeatRest Boss 4.4

Tilt Dual mechanism and SeatRest

Infinite seat height adjustment

    • The functional Tilt Dual mechanism allows you to change the seat height, so you can easily adjust the chair to your height and desk.
    • The powerful 100 mm gas cylinder ensures smooth seat adjustment even with maximum load.

SeatRest function

  • Thanks to the SeatRest function, you can tilt the backrest to the position of your choice, which, together with the extendable footrest, ensures complete relaxation.

Podstawa w fotelu Mark Adler

Polyurethane-rubber wheels

Reliable mobility

  • The polyurethane-rubber-rubber wheels guarantee full mobility while protecting the floor from scratches.
  • Thanks to the materials used, the Boss 4.4 provides stability and is also ideal for dynamic desk work.

Prawy bok Boss 4.4

1. Head and Neck

The headrest integrated into the backrest relieves strain on the neck muscles and minimises the risk of neck pain under prolonged computer work.

2. back

The contoured frame allows you to adopt a comfortable position that follows the curvature of your spine to help avoid back pain caused by prolonged sitting.

3. Hands and arms

Hands and arms will become more relaxed thanks to the armrests with soft padding.

4 Seat

The seat with extendable footrest guarantees maximum comfort both when working and relaxing.


  • Brand: Mark Adler
  • Model: Boss 4.4 Black
  • Certifications: SGS
  • Materials: fabric
  • Mechanism: Tilt Dual
  • Wheels: Polyurethane-rubber
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg

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Mark Adler
MA - Boss 4.4 Black

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