Mark Adler Boss 8.0 Office Chair

Mark Adler Boss 8.0 Office Chair

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Mark Adler
Boss 8.0

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Special features:

  • Elegant and ergonomic office chair
  • Contoured design guarantees comfort
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Ideal chair for the office and home office work
  • Poplar veneer finish
  • Specially contoured seat in PU HD leather
  • Top, fourth class actuator
  • Damage-resistant, easy-care material
  • Polyurethane-rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches

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Boss 8.0

The leader in ergonomics and comfort

The Mark Adler Boss 8.0 is a modern and comfortable armchair with a style reminiscent of office elegance straight from the skyscrapers of New York. Do you want to feel like the CEO of a Wall Street firm? Transform your office and opt for the luxury of real comfort. Designed with attention to the smallest details, using the best materials. And all to make you feel like a real boss.

Profiled design

The specially profiled construction of the chair ensures comfort, great looks, health-promoting posture, properly aligns the spine and thus eliminates fatigue. The height of the chair allows you to rest your entire back on the upholstered backrest.

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1. Head and neck

The embossed head and neck support relieves strain on the neck muscles and allows you to relax during long computer work.

2. back

The specially shaped backrest will ensure your back is in the right position and prevent pain during long computer use.

3. lumbar region

The curved shape of the backrest at the level of the lumbar region of the spine envelops the sitter and further supports a comfortable position.

4. appropriate sitting position

The design ensures that the sitting position will always be ergonomic. The soft seat padded with leather ensures comfort even during prolonged use.

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Ideal for any space

TheBoss 8.0 arm chair features a wooden body giving it a premium chic feel. The juxtaposition of poplar and black leather creates an elegant effect and the Boss will work perfectly in both small and large office spaces, in your private office and in a large corporation. For the home office as well as in an office building.

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Contoured headrest

The comfort provided by the Boss 8.0 encourages you to lean back freely in the chair. Support for your head in this position is provided by the contoured, soft headrest, which not only looks good, but above all allows you to really relax in the chair and take a break from your hectic workload.

Quality matters

The Boss 8.0 office armchair is equipped with the best quality class 4 gas actuator to satisfy even the most demanding users. The actuator ensures smooth, trouble-free operation with loads of up to 160 kg.

Tilt Plus mechanism

TheTilt Plus mechanism makes it possible to adjust the height of the seat to suit the height of the user. The SoftFlex function allows you to lean back in the chair and rock gently.

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Durable base

The high-quality, five-star reinforced steel base gives a remarkable visual effect, and ensures durability and adequate support even under maximum load.

Polyurethane-rubber wheels

Five double polyurethane-rubber wheels ensure that the chair glides freely, and the materials used protect the floor from scratches and abrasions.


  • Brand: Mark Adler
  • Model: Boss 8.0
  • Certifications: SGS
  • Materials: PU HD leather, poplar wood veneer
  • Headrest: ergonomic
  • Construction: Timber FX
  • Mechanism: Tilt PLUS
  • Wheels: Polyurethane-rubber
  • Cylinder: Gas, class 4
  • Maximum user weight: 160 kg

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Wymiary fotela Mark Adler Boss 8.0

Mark Adler
Boss 8.0

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