Huzaro FloorMat 4.0 Pixel chair gaming mat

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Huzaro FloorMat 4.0 Pixel chair gaming mat

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FloorMat 4.0 Pixel

Banner maty gamingowej FloorMat 4.0

Special features:

  • Gaming mat under the seat
  • Extremely durable, matrix material
  • Design based on the trendiest motif of recent years
  • Ensures adequate grip and smooth armchair movement
  • Easy to clean, dirt-resistant material
  • Upper surface made of soft, resistant material
  • The underside of the mat is covered with non-slip rubber
  • The edges of the mat are adequately reinforced with thick stitching

Mata gamingowa Pixel 4.0 pod fotelem

Mata gamingowa FloorMat 4.0 przy stanowisku

Pixel gaming mat

Practical decoration for your room

The mat not only protects the floor from scratches, but also increases the smoothness of the chair's movement and thus the comfort of the entire workstation. And that look! Pixel 4.0 proves that practical objects do not have to be boring. The motif from your favourite game can now adorn your floor!

Wzór pixel na macie Huzaro

Trendy game design

The design of the mat is based on colourful pixels and refers to the latest trends in the world of computer games. Younger gamers will appreciate the trendy motif from their favourite worlds.

Durable and versatile

The reinforced, neoprene material means that seats with any type of wheel can be used comfortably on the mat. The material also ensures that the seat moves quietly and smoothly across the floor.

Mata Pixel 4.0 wytrzymałe materiały

Non-slip base

Made of special rubber material, the underside of the mat ensures a firm grip on the floor and reduces the risk of the mat shifting during use to practically zero.

Antypoślizgowa podstawa maty Pixel


  • Manufacturer: Huzaro
  • Low coefficient of surface friction
  • Easy to clean, dirt-resistant material
  • Durable material, specially reinforced with side seams
  • Non-slip material on the underside, for any type of surface
  • Dimensions: 120 cm x 120 cm
  • Thickness: 5 mm

Mata Huzaro Pixel 4.0 top view

Wymiary maty Huzaro FloorMat 4.0

Pokój gamingowy z matą Pixel 4.0

FloorMat 4.0 Pixel

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