Huzaro Force 4.7 Pink Mesh gaming chair

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Huzaro Force 4.7 Pink Mesh gaming chair

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Special features:

  • Pink gaming chair with footrest
  • Durable, breathable fabrics
  • Convenient fold-out footrest that allows you to extend your legs
  • Elegant gaming design
  • Seat ensures correct positioning of the back
  • Lumbar and neck cushions
  • Damage-resistant and easy-care material
  • SeatRest function for convenient tilting of the backrest
  • Non-slip, soft armrests
  • Polyurethane-rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches
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Force 4.7 seats

True gaming comfort

Force 4.7 Pink is a chair that focuses on comfort and a good experience. Ergonomic seat, extendable footrest, tilting backrest - a set of features that will allow you to relax even while working or studying. The pink gaming chair made of breathable, durable fabrics has another huge advantage - it just looks great. A combination of fresh colour and modern design? This combination is hard to pass by indifferently!

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Are you looking for comfort and convenience, or maybe a game is a moment of relaxation for you? The fold-out footrest lets you stretch your legs, relax and unwind. The footrest function also works well in combination with the reclining backrest.

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Proven materials

The quality of the chair stems from the refined details. The Force 4.7 Pink combines interesting colour with predatory racing details. The entire seat is made from the tried-and-tested XTwill fabrics and the Huge Mesh fabric. These combine excellent breathability, high durability and easy cleaning. The pink gaming arm chair will fit perfectly into a home relaxation area or a modern office.

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Comfortable backrest tilt

The SeatRest function allows you to conveniently control the degree of tilt of the backrest using a lever hidden under the seat. Working? Relaxing? You can change the chair's position with a single movement.

Non-slip armrests

Armrests covered with soft XTwill fabric provide stable and comfortable support for forearms.

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Neck cushion

The neck cushion provides additional support to the spine, reducing fatigue and improving comfort at work and play. The cushion is detachable, so you can use it any way you like.

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Lumbar pillow

The lumbar cushion is height-adjustable to meet the individual needs of the user and ensures proper spinal alignment.

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Floor protection

Polyurethane-rubber double wheels with a diameter of 50 mm will protect the floor from scratches and abrasions.

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1. Head and neck

The head rest will relieve the neck muscles and allow you to relax during long computer work.

2. back

The specially shaped backrest will ensure your back is in the right position and prevent pain during long computer use.

3. back

The ideal spinal position is guaranteed by the specially shaped, adjustable lumbar cushion.

4. Hands and arms

Rest your hands comfortably on the ergonomically shaped soft armrests and let them rest despite long, uninterrupted work.

5. correct position for the entire body

The metal construction ensures that the position of the chair will always be properly adjusted to the body, and also provides stability and durability to the entire structure.

6 Legs

The fold-out footrest allows you to stretch your legs at any time and switch to 'full relaxation' mode.

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  • Manufacturer: Huzaro
  • Model: Force 4.7 Pink Mesh
  • Certifications: SGS
  • Materials: XTwill fabric, HugeMesh fabric
  • Construction: Steel
  • Accessories: Neck cushion, lumbar cushion
  • Mechanism: Tilt Dual
  • Actuator: Gas
  • Maximum user weight: 140kg

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