HUZARO FORCE 6.2 Grey Mesh Gaming Chair

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HUZARO FORCE 6.2 Grey Mesh Gaming Chair

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Force 6.2 Grey Mesh

Huzaro Force 6.2 Grey Mesh gaming chair

Huzaro Force 6.2 Grey Mesh gaming chair

Special Features:

  • Force 6.2 gaming chair - boldly follow gaming trends
  • Optimal seat width guarantees long-term sitting comfort
  • Modern chair design for fans of gaming style
  • Ergonomic construction facilitates maintaining a healthy sitting position
  • Comfortable cushions reduce back tension
  • Air Technology and breathable fabric material provide thermal comfort
  • Adjustable seat height 100 mm thanks to a strong actuator
  • Shape-retaining Thermo-Elastic foam
  • Adjustable backrest, which reclines up to 90 degrees
  • Ability to rock thanks to SoftFlex technology
  • Easy armrest adjustment for healthy arm positioning
  • Polyurethane-rubber wheels that do not scratch the floor
  • Easy-to-clean upholstery material
  • Maximum load: 130 kg

Huzaro Force 6.2 gaming chair front view


The best chairs for gamers

  • Force 6.2 gaming chair was created for gamers and e-sports enthusiasts who value comfort, good style, and want to enhance their passion with unique equipment.
  • Gamer-style appearance looks great on camera for streamers.
  • Carefully considered form allows for an ergonomic position enabling hours of gaming or working at a desk.
  • Durable construction and a maximum load of 130 kg ensure safety even during the most intense games.
  • Get in the game and gain an edge with Huzaro! Force 6.2 gaming chairs are great for both home and office use.
  • Also check out the Force 6.2 model with RGB LED lighting.

Fabric gaming chairs with AIR technology.

  • Air technology and breathable upholstery material provide optimal thermal comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • Mesh fabric and foam allow air to pass through, ensuring comfort in both cold and hot days.

Thermo-Elastic Foam

  • Thermo-Elastic foam does not deform, and the gaming chairs retain their good shape even after prolonged use.

Huzaro Force 6.2 chair materials

Neck Muscle Cushion

The neck muscle cushion is a functional headrest that helps avoid unpleasant neck pain.

Force 6.2 gaming chair headrest

Adjustable Lumbar Cushion

The lumbar cushion supports the correct positioning of the lower spine. Your back stays in a healthy position during long gaming sessions and while working in front of a computer screen.

Huzaro Force 6.2 gaming chair with back support

Force 6.2 gaming chair with adjustable back support

Gaming chair with SideRest technology

Sit, lie down, and relax

  • SideRest technology increases the comfort of the gamer during prolonged sitting.
  • The backrest of the chair can be tilted by 90 degrees, up to a lying position.
  • Adjust the gaming chair to your individual needs!

Softlex function in Force 6.2 gaming chair


  • Tilt Plus mechanism and Softlex rocking function provide maximum comfort with the ability to rock.
  • One-handed operation via a lever located under the seat.
  • Long gaming sessions or long hours at a desk will no longer be a challenge.

Adjustable armrests of Force 6.2

Non-slip armrests with height adjustment

  • Adjustable armrests reduce shoulder and spine strain.
  • Armrests provide essential support for the forearms, keeping your wrists properly relaxed.
  • Easy armrest adjustment ensures they always fit your posture.
  • Non-slip, soft upholstery material for more effective and comfortable work.

Wheels of Huzaro Force 6.2 gaming chair


Maintain full mobility without worrying about scratches on panels or parquet. Rubber-coated wheels do not scratch the floor and allow for smooth chair movement.

1. Head and Neck

The headrest provides stable support for the head and neck, keeping your back muscles relaxed even during long hours of work.

2. Arms and Shoulders

Armrest adjustment allows the gaming chair to be tailored to the user, relieving shoulders and spine.

3. Back

Specially contoured support stabilizes the spine and prevents muscle fatigue.

4. Spine

The adjustable lumbar cushion provides optimal support for the lower back and alleviates spinal pain.

5. The Comfort a Gaming Chair Should Provide

Ergonomic solutions help maintain proper posture while sitting. Armrest adjustment, movable seat height, and a backrest that reclines 90 degrees are just some of the features that guarantee everyday comfort. Care for your spine with the capabilities of a good gaming chair.

Ergonomic Force 6.2 gaming chair

Back of Huzaro Force 6.2 gaming chair


  • Manufacturer: Huzaro
  • Model: Force 6.2 Grey Mesh
  • Certificates: SGS
  • Upholstery material of seat and backrest: mesh fabricPU-HD faux leather + ventilated leather

Wymiary fotela Huzaro Force 6.2 grey mesh

Zbliżenia fotela gamingowego Force 6.2 grey mesh

Force 6.2 Grey Mesh

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