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We deliver high quality gaming products to the top stores in Poland and abroad. A list of our partners, available below, speaks for itself. It is no coincidence that many companies operating in the furniture industry, gaming industry, interior designers, online stores, wholesalers and our foreign market partners have decided to cooperate with us. We consider each and every cooperation opportunity individually and we always offer solutions which are the best for our partners.

Join us!

Feel free to contact us via e-mail: We offer flexible and convinient terms of collaboration,
to the benefit of both parties.

It just pays off!


  •  Bezpośrednia współpraca z klientem

    Direct co-op with the manufacturer

  •  Niskie marże

    Low prices and high margins

  •  Błyskawiczna obsługa serwisowa

    Quick service

  •  Indywidualne podejście do klienta

    Individual approach to the customer

  •  Błyskawiczna obsługa zamówień

    Quick order processing

  •  Wsparcie posprzedażowe

    Sales Support