Huzaro Motion 2.2 swivel mount for two monitors

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Huzaro Motion 2.2 swivel mount for two monitors

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Special features:

  • Metal mount for two monitors based on a strong gas spring
  • Wide vertical and horizontaladjustment range
  • Movable head with 360° PIVOT function
  • Durable and secure method of mounting two screens at the same time
  • Universal design fits any space
  • Cleverly shaped bracket hides wires
  • Mounting to the edge of a table top with a maximum thickness of 10 cm
  • Suitable for 15" monitors - 27"
  • Suitable for curved type monitors
  • Compatible with VESA standards 75 × 75 and 100 × 100
  • Load capacity of each arm: up to 7 kg
  • Mounting kit included

Uchwyt do monitora Motion 2.2 z monitorem

Holder for two monitors

Ergonomics of a gaming stand

  • Using a computer for long periods of time does not have to result in back pain. The Motion 2.2 takes care of the ergonomics of your work and entertainment station.
  • Thedual-monitor holder solves the problem of uncomfortable sitting and makes it easier to organise a multi-screen workstation. By adjusting both arms vertically and horizontally, you will position the equipment according to your preferences and easily change their position if necessary.
  • Thegas spring and multi-plane adjustment make it easy to move each monitor to a different position with a single movement.

Multi-plane 3D adjustment

  • Working, studying, gaming, editing and watching video? Each of these activities may require different monitor settings. If you spend long hours at your desk, the Motion 2.2 is a must-have accessory for you.
  • Theability to zoom in/out of the monitors, adjust up/down, or rotate vertically and horizontally. Not only is each screen fully adjustable on its own, but you can also position the two monitors freely in relation to each other.
  • The 360°movable heads with PIVOT function offer almost unlimited possibilities.

Stojak do monitora Motion 1.2 z regulacją

Adjustable tilt angle

Thanks to the special heads, the angle of the monitors can also be adjusted. So the mount not only allows you to change their position, but also the angle at which your displays are positioned.

Uchwyt do monitora Motion  z regulacją kąta

A workstation tailored to you

At computer workstations with two monitors, it is more difficult to maintain order and ergonomics. Motion 2.2 solves this problem by allowing you to instantly adjust the position of your monitors to suit your needs. Your equipment can be positioned exactly the way you want it, without taking up any desk space.

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Mocowanie uchwytu Motion 2.2 do ekranu

Durability and stability

The Motion 2.2 does not only offer a wide range of personalisation options. A key feature of the handle is its stability and robustness. Each arm of the bracket will hold up to 7 kg safely. Once hung, the monitors will last for months.

Compatible with VESA standard

The bracket is compatible with the common mounting standard on the market for monitors with hole spacing of 100 mm x 100 mm and 75 mm x 75 mm.

Ukryte przewody w uchwycie Motion 2.2

Aesthetically pleasing cable routing

Concealed from view, the cable management system enhances the aesthetics of the entire gaming station and protects cables from accidental damage. The bracket not only displays the monitors, but also helps to organise the desk space.

Montaż uchwytu Motion 2.2 do blatu z regulacją

Convenient mounting to any tabletop

Thanks to the universal, stable mounting mechanism, attaching the bracket to the tabletop is extremely easy and the entire structure rigidly connects to the desk. The different hole positions allow you to adjust the mounting height to your own preferences. The Motion 2.2 fits tabletops with a maximum thickness of 10 cm.

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  • Manufacturer: Huzaro
  • Model: Motion 2.2
  • Holder for monitors: diagonal screen size 15" - 27"
  • Standard: VESA 75 × 75 and 100 × 100
  • Spring: gas spring
  • Material: aluminium, steel
  • Lifting capacity of handle arm: up to 7 kg
  • Certification: ISO 9001

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