Mark Adler Expert 4.9 Office Chair Black

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Mark Adler Expert 4.9 Office Chair Black

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Mark Adler
Expert 4.9 Black

Dostępne warianty kolorystyczne Huzaro Combat 7.0

Special features:

  • Mark Adler Expert 4.9 Black office chair
  • Contoured design adapts to your body shape
  • Practical hanger for jacket, coat, etc.
  • Ventilated fabric with thick Mesh HD structure
  • Rich functionality, high-quality materials and robust workmanship
  • Seat ensures correct positioning of the back
  • Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • Flexible lumbar support
  • Backrest tilt mechanism SeatRest
  • Damage-resistant, easy-care material
  • Polyurethane-rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches

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Expert 4.9

Comfort is its Second Name

MARK ADLER EXPERT 4.9 is a very modern, comfortable and designer ergonomic chair. The chair will allow you to quickly and comfortably adjust the backrest, headrest, seat and armrests to suit your individual needs. Designed with attention to the smallest details, it has a multitude of ergonomic and functional solutions that support proper posture and protect the spine. A solid combination of the best materials and special construction, ensure durability and modern design.

Ergonomiczne oparcie w fotelu biurowym Expert 4.9 Black

Lumbar support

The flexible lumbar support provides comfort and adequate support for the spine. The key section of the spine is always adequately supported by the flexible support.

Tkaniny Mark Adler Expert 4.9 Black

Material Mesh HD fabric

The material used is characterised by thick weaves, elasticity and the best air circulation. It is a high grade and best quality material. The Mesh HD fabric is extremely durable and resistant while providing comfort and convenience.

Armrests with 4D adjustment

Comfortable armrests with 4D adjustment. Made of soft, deformation-resistant material. The armrests provide adequate support for the forearms and reduce strain on the shoulders and spine. Armrests can be adjusted in 4 dimensions - depending on your preference.

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Practical hanger, removable. Allows you to conveniently hang your jacket, coat, etc.

Wieszak w Expercie 4.9 Black

SeatRest recline function

The SeatRest function allows the backrest to be tilted to any desired position. SeatRest is characterised by the fact that, as the backrest is tilted, the seat assumes the appropriate position, providing a high level of comfort, great for long hours of work or even a nap.

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Regulacja zagłówka Mark Adler Expert 4.9 Black


The headrest provides the right position for your neck and head. You will forget about neck pain even when working for long hours. The headrest is height and tilt adjustable.

Aluminium base

The high-quality, aluminium, five-star reinforced base gives a remarkable visual effect, and ensures durability and adequate support even under maximum load.

Polyurethane-rubber wheels

Five double polyurethane-rubber wheels ensure that the chair glides freely and the materials used protect the floor from scratches and abrasions.

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Prawy bok Mark Adler Expert 4.9 Black

1. Head and neck

The adjustable headrest will allow you to rest your head comfortably and relax while working at the computer.

2. hanger

Practical coat hanger, attached to the backrest and removable.

3. back

The specially shaped backrest ensures your back is in the right position and prevents pain during long periods of computer use.

4. lumbar

Ideal spinal alignment is guaranteed by the specially shaped, flexible lumbar support.

5. Hands and arms

Rest your hands comfortably on the ergonomically shaped soft armrests and let them rest despite long, uninterrupted work.

6 Proper position for the entire body

Thesturdy construction ensures that the position of the chair will always be properly adjusted to your body, it also ensures the stability and durability of the entire chair.

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  • Manufacturer: Mark Adler
  • Model: Expert 4.9 Black
  • Certifications: SGS
  • Materials: AiRMESH HD ventilated material
  • Construction: Steel, nylon fx
  • Additional information: Tilt angle adjustment with locking mechanism
  • Mechanism: Tilt PLUS
  • Actuator: Gas
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg

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Mark Adler
Expert 4.9 Black

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