HUZARO Speed 3.0 Racing Wheel Stand

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HUZARO Speed 3.0 Racing Wheel Stand

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Slider stojak do kierownicy Speed 3.0

Stojak do kierownicy Speed 3.0 skos

Special features:

  • Racing steering wheel support stand
  • Fits popular steering wheel, gear lever and pedalmodels including Logitech, Fanatec and Thrustmaster
  • Additional stand for positioning the gearshift lever
  • Steering wheel plate adjustable up - down, front - back
  • Adjustable accelerator and brake pedal plate
  • High-quality powder-coated finish
  • Non-slip rubber feet prevent scratching the floor

Stojak do kierownicy Speed 3.0 z kierownicą i dźwignią zmiany biegów

Speed 3.0 handlebar stand

Compatible with most steering wheels

  • Get into the real game - the Speed 3.0 steering wheel stand will take your racing simulation experience to a whole new level.
  • Pre-drilled mounting points fit a wide range of racing wheel brands including Logitech Driving Force FX, Logitech Driving Force GT, Logitech Driving Force Pro, Fanatec, Thrustmaster models.
  • The steering wheel boltplate allows front to back and up to down adjustments.
  • An additional feature is the shift lever stand.

Adjustable pedal mount

A game rack to suit you

  • Thecar racing simulation game stand will enhance the comfort of any game.
  • Theadjustability makes it easy to tailor the rack to your individual needs - the more comfortable you are, the better your gaming performance.
  • Theadjustable pedal plate allows you to move and tilt thepedals back and forth to guarantee optimal support during races.

Regulowane płyta do pedałów Speed 3.0

Excellent grip on the floor

  • Specially designed feet provide excellent stability during racing.
  • The non-slip rubber feet ensure that the frame will not roll away from underfoot even when drifting in F1 and Assetto Corsa.
  • The silicone material effectively protects the floor from scratches caused by vibrations during gameplay.

Antypoślizgowe gumowe stopki

Speed 3.0 steering wheel stand

Play comfortably even in a small room

  • With the steering wheel stand, you can start your next race easily - without fiddling with your desk or rewiring cables.
  • Itscompact size makes it perfect even in a small space.
  • The intuitive mounting system allows you to set up your game stand quickly.
  • After the game, the stand can be folded and easily stored - it fits under a bed or behind a wardrobe with ease.

Łatwy w składaniu stojak do kierownicy Speed 3.0

Stojak do kierownicy z wysokiej jakości materiałów

Good quality is essential

  • Made of robust steel, the Speed 3.0 steering wheel stand guarantees maximum rigidity and stability during gaming.
  • Thepowder-coated surface is resistant to abrasion, scratches and corrosion - the Speed 3.0 stand will look great for a long time.
  • Thehigh quality of the materials used ensures playing pleasure for many years.

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  • Manufacturer: Huzaro
  • Model: Speed 3.0
  • Maximum load 20kg
  • Frame material: steel
  • Finish: powder-coated
  • Offer applies to the frame only: accessories shown in the photos are not included

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