Gaming mouse pad Huzaro 1.0 XL

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Gaming mouse pad Huzaro 1.0 XL

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Mousepad 1.0 XL

Banner Huzaro Podkładka 1.0 XL

Special features:

  • Flexible gaming pad XL
  • Damage-resistant material, easy to care for
  • Large size 80 cm x 40 cm
  • Optimised for high and low DPI
  • Non-slip underside, thick material
  • Edges with reinforced stitching
  • Compatible with optical and laser mice
  • High precision in tracking mouse movements
  • Easy to clean, splash-proof material

Podkładka 1.0 XL skos

Podkładka1.0 XL i akcesoria

XL size mousepad

A large Huzaro gaming m ousepad that can accommodate a mouse, keyboard and even a laptop and other computer accessories. Designed for all avid gamers and fans of the latest technology. Extremely comfortable to use, it ensures precise and smooth reflection of mouse movements.

Antypoślizgowy spód podkładki

Non-slip base

The non-slip, special material connecting the bottom of the mouse pad with the top guarantees a firm grip and ensures that the mouse pad does not move on your desk, while the top material is durable, yet soft and pleasant to the touch.

Wykończenie podkładki 1.0 XL

Precise workmanship

The edges of the mousepad have been trimmed with special reinforced seams, which reduce the risk of mechanical damage to the mousepad to zero, e.g. by careless movement.

Flexible material

The 1.0 XL mouse pad is made of a flexible material, which fits perfectly to any surface. The material is pleasant to the touch and extremely practical - keeping it clean is extremely easy.

Podkładka 1.0 XL zwinięta w rulon

Przód fotela gamingowego Huzaro Mousepad1.0 XL


    • Manufacturer: HUZARO
    • Model: 1.0 XL
    • Ergonomic shape
    • Non-slip, flexible material
    • Compatible with all mice
    • Reinforced edges
    • Dimensions: 80 cm x 40 cm
    • Thickness: 4 mm

Wymiary Huzaro Mousepad 1.0 XL Black

Zbliżenia na podkładkę mousepad 1.0 XL black

Mousepad 1.0 XL

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