Huzaro Rocket 4.0 Gaming Keyboard

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Huzaro Rocket 4.0 Gaming Keyboard

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Rocket 4.0

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Special features:

  • Mechanical gaming keyboard
  • Dual-zone LED lighting
  • Unique, dynamic RGB effects
  • Ergonomic wrist-supportivedesign
  • High-performance Outemu Brown switches
  • Anti-ghosting, NKRO and low response time
  • Programmable macros and lighting management in a convenient software application
  • Additional red arrow keys and WASD buttons included as a gift!
  • Reinforced 1.8 m cable with ferrite filter

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The reliable keyboard for gamers

Huzaro Rocket 4.0 is a mechanical keyboard based on high-end Outemu switches, which guarantee perfect reproduction of your commands. Dual-zone, independent RGB lighting acts like rocket fuel for the gaming station. All this comes together in an ergonomic, lightweight form. Presenting a gaming keyboard that takes the gamer into space.

Rocket 4.0 świecenie RGB gif

Efekty świecenia klawiatury Rocket 4.0

The power of RGB LED effects

Gaming beats to the RGB rhy thm and you set the rhythm. Choose from a variety of amazing RGB lighting effects or create your own compositions to change your stance just the way you like it. The keyboard features independent key lighting and RGB bottom panel lighting, so you can manage both systems separately and create an unforgettable play of light.

Switche brown klawiatura Huzaro Rocket 4.0

Outemu Brown switches

Brown series Outemu switches are responsible for the reliability and durability of the keyboard. With a lifespan of 50 million hits, they guarantee thousands of hours of gaming with the confidence that none of our commands will be missed. The switches have a perceptible moment of activation and a soft but clear clicking sound, which does not represent unnecessary noise but guarantees a pleasant background typical of good mechanical keyboards.

Ergonomia klawiatury Rocket 4.0

Ergonomic shape

The ergonomic pad supports the correct positioning of the wrists and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Even very intensive use of the keyboard is pleasant, and your hands instantly find the right keys. Thanks to the non-slip grip pads, the keyboard always stands firmly on the tabletop and does not slip during gaming.

Lower backlighting

Hidden under the edge of the keyboard, additional LED lighting adds to the atmosphere. The illumination of the keyboard pad or desk top distributes a soft glow around the stand. The bottom panel is independent of the key lighting and can be freely controlled from the software.

Podświetlenie na dole klawiatury Rocket 4.0

Gold-plated USB plug

The flexible 1.8 m cable is terminated with a gold-coated usb plug. The gold coating prevents corrosion of the plug and increases its durability. The cable itself is also equipped with a ferrite filter to neutralise electromagnetic interference.

Wtyczka usb powlekana złotem

Intuitive software

The operation of the lighting and the actions assigned to the buttons is carried out through convenient software. The keyboard itself works in Plug & Play mode, so no drivers are needed to use it. Our software intensifies the product experience and allows you to control all functions. Download the software here.

Sterownik klawiatury gamingowej Huzaro Rocket 4.0

Additional red buttons FREE OF CHARGE

If you associate Huzaro with the colour red, you are absolutely right! We've honoured our corporate colours in the production of the Rocket 4.0 keyboard, which is why you'll find a set of additional red keys - arrow and WASD - in the product box. You can install them or stay with the black ones - the decision is yours! Replacing them takes seconds, so you can change them at any time.

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  • Manufacturer: Huzaro
  • Model: Rocket 4.0
  • Full-size mechanical keyboard
  • Switch type: Outemu Brown
  • Switch life: 50 million hits
  • RGB lighting: Yes, dual-zone
  • Cable: 1.8m
  • Wrist rest: yes
  • Non-slip rubber feet: yes
  • Retractable feet: yes
  • Dimensions: 45 × 17
  • Weight: ~1325g
  • Software: Download

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Rocket 4.0

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