Mark Adler Junior 5.0 Pink swivel chair

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Mark Adler Junior 5.0 Pink swivel chair

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Mark Adler

Fotel obrotowy dla dzieci Junior 5.0

Special features:

  • Modern swivel chair for children
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Ergonomic, contoured backrest
  • Adjustable height allows the chair to be adapted to the child's height
  • Height-adjustable footrest
  • Gravity castors
  • Soft adjustable armrests
  • Deformation-resistant foam seat
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Cover that can be easily removed and washed
  • Recommended for children from 80 to 160 cm tall

Fotel obrotowy Junior 5.0 skos

Ergonomic swivel chair for children

Removable cover

  • Ensure your child is comfortable while studying, reading a book or playing for hours on end. Junior 5.0 is an ergonomic chair designed for healthy posture while sitting at a desk.
  • The contoured backrest supports the key sections of the spine and makes it easier to adopt and maintain a correct sitting position.
  • The design of the chair is adapted to the needs of a growing child. Thanks to the height adjustment of the chair, armrests and footrest, the pink swivel chair can be adjusted to different heights.
  • The Junior 5.0 is easy to clean, thanks to its removable, washable cover.

Junior 5.0 aranżacja

Gravity castors

Junior 5.0 is equipped with gravity wheels that lock while the child is sitting in the seat. The locking mechanism prevents the chair from moving uncontrollably while the child is studying at a desk, ensuring safety and helping the youngest to concentrate.

Junior 5.0 kółka z blokadą

Junior 5.0 fotel dla dzieci z regulacją wysokości

Height adjustment

Chair adjusted to child's height

The height of the chair can be adjusted within a range of 12 cm, making it easy to adapt the chair to your child's height. Junior 5.0 is recommended for users between 80 and 170 cm in height.

Deformation-resistant seat

The seat made with molded foam technology is resistant to deformation and retains its shape even after prolonged use. The molded foam reduces strain on the spine and relieves muscle tension, making it an excellent seating surface.

Siedzisko z zimnej pianki Junior 5.0

Adjustable seat depth

Adjustable seat depth guarantees maximum comfort, reducing pressure on the legs.

Regulacja głębokości Junior 5.0

Adjustable armrests

  • Armrests support the forearms, preventing hanging elbows and excessive shoulder tension. The soft surface provides comfort when sitting.
  • The ability to adjust up and down and horizontally allows the armrests to suit the child's height, as well as sliding the chair under the desk top.

Fotel obrotowy z regulowanymi podłokietnikami Junior 5.0

Junior 5.0 podpórka dla nóg

Comfortable footrest with adjustment

The footrest makes it easier to adopt an ergonomic sitting position and prevents leg fatigue. The up and down adjustment allows the swivel chair to be tailored to your child's height, guaranteeing stable support.

Fotel obrotowy dla dzieci Junior 5.0 tył


  • Manufacturer: Mark Adler
  • Model: Junior 5.0 Pink
  • Adjustable armrests: yes
  • Adjustable seat depth: yes
  • Adjustable height: yes
  • Adjustable footrest: yes

Wymiary fotela Junior 5.0 Pink

Junior 5.0 aranżacja

Mark Adler

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