HUZARO FORCE 4.4 RGB White Gaming Chair

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HUZARO FORCE 4.4 RGB White Gaming Chair

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Fotel obrotowy Force 4.4 RGB WHITE

Fotel gamingowy Huzaro Force 4.4 RGB White

Fotel gamingowy Huzaro Force 4.4 RGB White

Special features:

  • Comfortable Force 4.4 gaming chair
  • Adjustable backrest and Softlex rocking function
  • Durable and soft seat with Thermo - Elastic technology
  • Comfortable cushions to support key parts of the spine
  • Special design for ergonomic positioning
  • Soft, comfortable armrests
  • Durable, abrasion-resistant upholstery material
  • Reliable actuator and non-marking rubber polyurethane wheels
  • Gaming design of the chair looks great in the lens of the streamer's camera
  • Maximum load capacity: 130 kg
  • RGB Led lighting will turn your room into a real gamer's paradise.
  • USB-powered LED straight from your computer or your own powerbank.

Fotel gamingowy Huzaro Force 4.4 RGB White

Force 4.4

The functional swivel chair for gamers

  • The Force 4.4 is equipped with everything you need to consider when buying a gaming chair - from comfortable, ergonomic construction to durable materials and interesting design.
  • The minimalist, sporty design adds a gaming touch to any interior - no matter how large your space, you can create a fantastic gaming area in any space.

RGB LED lighting

  • If you are bored with the lighting of your computer workstation, the Force 4.4 gaming chair solves this problem.
  • Changing the design of your room has never been easier - simply select one of the light modes to suit your current mood.
  • Themany fantastic colours and light modes to choose from will put you straight into the mood of your favourite strategy, role-playing, adventure or sports game.
  • The LED lighting is powered directly from your computer or your own powerbank.

Remote colour-changing remote control

  • Change theLED lighting remotely with the convenient remote control.

Fotel gamingowy Force 4.4 RGB LED

AIR technology

Breathable upholstery material and pinhole design

  • Thespecial design combined with breath able material makes the gaming seats ideal for gaming on hot days - they dissipate heat and provide maximum thermal comfort.
  • Theeco-leather inserts emphasise the sporty character of the chair and are also easy to clean.

Thermo-Elastic foam

  • Thermo-Elastic foam, which is perfectly matched to the seat construction, is extremely durable - it retains its shape and does not deform while sitting.

Fotel Huzaro Force 4.4 materiały

SoftFlex function

  • TheSoftlex function allows you to rock gently while sitting, making gaming or work even more enjoyable.
  • The chair mechanism can be operated with one hand.

Tilt Plus mechanism with SideRest function

  • The tilt of the backrest correlated with the seat extension enables you to adopt an ergonomic position when gaming or working at the computer.

Fotel gamingowy Huzaro Force 4.4 z funkcją sofltex

Fotel gamingowy Force 4.4 miękkie podłokietniki

Soft armrests

  • Softarmrests ensure maximum comfort when gaming or working for hours on end, providing support for the entire length of the forearm, from the hand to the elbow.
  • The right support prevents forearm fatigue, relieves shoulder tension and helps maintain correct posture while sitting.
  • The upholstery material prevents hands from slipping and makes the Force 4.4 a good chair even for exciting games.

Zdejmowany zagłówek Force 4.4 White Mesh

Removable neck muscle cushion

  • The neck muscle cushion guarantees comfort - no more sore and tense nec ks even after hours of gaming.
  • Theremovable neck muscle cushion gives you a wide range of options to personalise your gaming chair - easily replace it with a different colour.

Poduszka lędźwiowa Force 4.4

Lumbar cushion

  • Thelumbar c ushion provides the comfort that a professional gaming chair should give.
  • By supporting the strategic part of your back, back pain will remain a memory - sit, play or work comfortably even for many hours.

1. Head and neck

Thanks to the neck muscle cushion, the cervical spine will be pleasantly relaxed.

2. Hands and arms

The soft armrests relieve the muscles in your forearms and keep you comfortable at work.

3. back

The specially moulded support is tailored to the curvature of the back so that the spine is properly supported at every point.

4. spine

Lumbar spine support prevents back pain and muscle fatigue and helps maintain correct posture.

5. contoured seat

Appropriate seat depth guarantees comfortable seating even during long gaming sessions.

Ergonomiczny fotel gamingowy Force 4.4

Tył fotela gamingowego Huzaro Force 4.4 RGB White


  • Manufacturer: Huzaro
  • Model: Force 4.4 RGB WHITE
  • Certifications: SGS
  • Material for upholstery of seat and back: mesh fabric
  • Structure: steel
  • Sponge: breathable, combined with cold foam
  • Accessories: neck pillow, lumbar pillow
  • Functions: adjustable seat height, rocking function, backrest tilt
  • Mechanism: Tilt PLUS, SideRest
  • Actuator: gas
  • Maximum load: 130 kg
  • Batteries not included
  • Power supply: USB from computer or own powerbank

Wymiary fotela Huzaro Force 4.4 RGB Mesh

Zbliżenia fotela gamingowego Force 4.4 white mesh

Fotel obrotowy Force 4.4 RGB WHITE

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