Mark Adler Boss 6.0 massage office chair

Mark Adler Boss 6.0 massage office chair

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Mark Adler

Fotel biurowy z masażem Boss 6.0

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Special features:

  • Office chair with massage
  • 4 massage points on the backrest
  • 9 vibration modes
  • Three massage intensity levels (high/medium/low)
  • Heating function
  • Vibration function can be activated without heating
  • Timer with two time modes (15/30 minutes)
  • The heating plate can be switched on separately
  • Remote control for controlling massage settings
  • Retractable footrest
  • High, contoured backrest
  • Rounded, soft armrests
  • Reclining backrest with SeatRest function
  • Seat height adjustable

Fotel biurowy z masażem Boss 6.0 aranżacja

Boss 6.0 massage office armchair

Boss 6.0 is a unique armchair designed for lovers of good style and comfort. With the ultimate in comfort in mind, it is equipped with a massage function using vibration points located in the backrest.

For greater comfort at work and at rest

Comfort and functionality form a harmonious combination that will enable you to relax during long hours of work and provide a sense of luxury in any room. The modern design, on the other hand, makes the massage chair look great in the office or study.

4 massage points

  • 4 vibration motors, located at the top and bottom of the backrest, guarantee a comprehensive back massage.
  • Two timed modes (15/30 minutes) allow you to relax without counting time - set a timer and relax for as long as you need.
  • The relaxing massage with vibration points increases the comfort of the chair, helps to reduce stress and relax tense muscles.

Soft armrests

The rounded, soft armrests provide optimum support for the arms and forearms.

Fotel biurowy z masażem Boss 6.0

9 vibration modes

  • The9 precisely programmed vibration modes allow you to adapt the type of massage to your current needs.
  • The3 vibration levels - low, medium and high - allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage to suit your preferences.
  • The low vibrations are ideal for a light massage while you work, while the high vibrations guarantee full relaxation even during a short break.

Handy remote control

  • You can easily change the massage settings built into the backrest using the remote control - the intuitive controller allows you to control the modes, massage intensity level and timer settings from a seated position.
  • Thanks to a pocket on the side of the chair, the remote control is always within easy reach.

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Heating function

  • The chair is equipped with a heating function to promote blood circulation and increase muscle relaxation.
  • You can use the heating mode separately or together with vibration.
  • The armchair with massage and heating function allows you to relax fully and has a soothing effect especially on cold days and evenings.

Pull-out footrest

  • The extendable footrest allows you to adopt a correct sitting position while working and relaxing.
  • The possibility of supporting the legs improves blood circulation in the legs and prevents muscle fatigue during long hours of work.
  • The retractable footrest is easy to fold away under the seat and guarantees easy standing up and sitting down in the chair.

Funkcja SeatRest Boss 6.0

SeatRest function

  • The high, contoured backrest provides ergonomic support for the spine - from the lumbar region to the neck and head.
  • The SeatRest function allows you to tilt the backrest to the position of your choice.
  • The wide seat, built-in headrest and reclining backrest make it easier to maintain the correct sitting position.

Adjustable seat height

  • The ability to adjust the seat height makes the massage chair compatible with any desk.

Podstawa w fotelu Mark Adler Boss 6.0

Quiet gliding

The 50 mm diameter polyurethane castors guarantee smooth and quiet gliding without worrying about scratching the floor.

Five-star chrome base

A five-star base with a chrome finish provides stability and an elegant effect.

Prawy bok fotela z masażem Boss 6.0

1. head and neck

The high, contoured backrest helps you to maintain a correct position when working at your desk for long hours.

2. back

Massage by vibration points located in the backrest ensures relaxation and rest.

3. arms and shoulders

Hands and arms will become more relaxed thanks to the armrests with soft padding.

4. seat with extendable footrest

For greater comfort, the superbly shaped backrest is combined with an extendable footrest.


  • Make: Mark Adler
  • Model: Boss 6.0 Grey
  • Upholstery: Fabric
  • Voltage: 100 -240 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Output: DC12V1A
  • Mechanism: Tilt Dual
  • Wheels: Polyurethane-rubber
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg

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