Casters 2.0 Black seat castors

Casters 2.0 Black seat castors

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Caster 2.0 Black

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Special features:

  • Set of rubber wheels for gaming or office chair
  • Made of steel and rubber, equipped with a reliable bearing system
  • Safe on all surfaces, scratch-free
  • Easy, quick one-handed assembly
  • Fits most chairs on the market
  • Non-slip for quiet chair movement
  • Wear-resistant, durable
  • Set contains 5 castors

Kółko Casters 2.0 Black cover

Castors for your chair

Customise your interior

Casters 2.0 Black are high-quality rubber wheels that allow you to personalise any chair! Looking for a way to stand out from the crowd? It is the small details that make the WOW effect! Design goes hand in hand with quality and safety - the castors guarantee a stable, quiet movement of the chair and are safe for the floor. No more scratches or uncontrolled slipping!

Kółka Casters 2.0 Black 5 sztuk

Kółka bezpieczne dla podłogi

No more scratches!

Casters 2.0 Black do not leave any marks on the floor. They are safe for wood, panels, tiles, laminate or vinyl. This is all thanks to the use of elastic rubber. Thanks to the steel construction, you don't have to worry about durability - the casters will last for many years.

Łatwy montaż kółek

Easy fitting

No tools are required to assemble the castors! One simple movement is all it takes to put them in place. It doesn't get any easier than this! The fit of the components guarantees 100% stability and the universal standard allows them to be fitted to most chairs on the market.

Niezawodność i wytrzymałość łożysk Huzaro Casters 2.0

Reliable bearings

Each caster is housed in an armoured steel casing. The upper part of the caster is fitted with universal bearings, allowing the seat base to move freely in all directions.

Cichy, płynny ruch kółek

No noise.

The movement of the castors is not only smooth, but above all quiet. If you want to eliminate unnecessary noise - this is the product for you! The material from which Casters 2.0 is made allows the chair's sound to be kept to a minimum. The fast and smooth rolling allows you to change direction of movement without any effort or noise.

Kółka Casters 2.0 Black front


  • Manufacturer: Huzaro
  • Product: Casters 2.0 Black chair castors
  • Material: rubber, steel
  • Quantity: 5 pieces

Kółka Casters 2.0 Black wymiary

Kółka Casters 2.0 Black karton

Special chair castors - how do you upgrade your gaming or office chair?

Sitting comfort when working at the office or playing computer games is something that cannot be overestimated. The right chair will not only have a positive impact on the gaming experience and allow you to concentrate better on the game, but it will also help you avoid excessive muscle fatigue or numbness caused by sitting in one position for long periods of time. A well-chosen gaming or office chair will have an ergonomic design, but also good mobility. Speaking of mobility, castors are worth mentioning here.

The castors for the chair should be of good quality. They need to be quiet, safe for the floor and made of robust materials to last as long as possible. Decent castors can transform the quality of office work or gaming, significantly increasing the comfort of a chair or swivel chair.

Casters 2.0 Black - original design and high quality

When looking at a gaming armchair or office chair, the first thing we usually pay attention to is such things as the width of the seat, the comfortable backrest or whether the piece of furniture has adjustable armrests. Few people look at what's on the bottom. And it's worth knowing that a good set of castors can make a huge difference and have a significant impact on the quality of work. Their standard affects how easy it is to move around an office or room, especially if it's a spacious space. So if you want to improve your comfort and increase your mobility when playing games or working remotely, investing in quality casters is a must.

The Casters 2.0 Black chair casters are a product that should meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. They are rubber castors that are perfect for the home office or the gamer's room. Thanks to their high versatility, they fit most of the armchairs available on the market. Due to their original design, they bring a breath of modernity to the interior, but are also characterised by high durability and strength, so investing in them will ensure trouble-free and long-lasting use.

Casters 2.0 Black - excellent chair casters. Why buy a set of high-quality castors?

The Casters 2.0 Black casters are definitely worth investing in. What makes these casters stand out? Here are a few features worth mentioning:

  • the Casters 2.0 Black chair castors are made of rubber and are embedded in a robust steel housing. At the top of it, there are reliable bearings that allow the chair to move freely in all directions;
  • the elastic and durable rubber of which the castors are made is safe for floors - it leaves no marks or scratches whether the surface is wood, tile, vinyl or laminate;
  • the casters for the chair are very quiet - the user can move around the room smoothly, without generating the noise that inferior casters could produce;
  • Casters 2.0 Black are casters that can be fitted very easily and quickly and, best of all, will fit most armchairs on the market. A quick movement is all it takes and the castors fit perfectly into the seat structure.
Caster 2.0 Black

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